Have you ever been to a Web Design Company's website and wondered....

"If they're spending so much time on their own site, how much time are they spending on their clients???"

At TekSolutions, we're too busy helping our clients make money to waste time on a dog-and-pony-show. We let our work do the talking. Please visit any of these clients' sites and judge for yourself...
Twenty years ago TekSolutions designed and built the custom platform Andra Group still uses today. As a testament to the superiority of our Andra Group platform, we went shopping five years ago for a standardized platform - we were told that standardizing on an industry platform would add value to the company. We reviewed proposals from several prestigious ecommerce platform providers. Not one could come close to providing the features and functions built into our current custom platform. Migrating to another platform would require that we dumb down our functionality - the essence of what makes HerRoom and HisRoom the undisputed authority in online lingerie and underwear.

- Tomima Edmark, President/CEO of Andra Group

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